WEBSITE REVIEW : Muslim Matters

WEBSITE REVIEW : Muslim Matters

About: began in 2007 as a collaboration between various Bloggers and Shuyukh in order to bring attention to issues faced by Muslims, especially in the West.

The blog is focused on issues of Religion, Society, Ethics, Sex Education, Politics, Civil Rights, Family, as well as the random issues that pop up from now and then, all with some ranting and humor mixed in. The site challenges the authors and readers to engage in discourses that touch the  lives as citizens of the West, while maintaining our individual Islamic identities: Ultimately to cooperate, but not to compromise.
Vision Statement of Muslim Matters :
To please Allah (subhanahu wata’ala) by providing a platform for orthodox thought leaders to affect positive change.
Mission Statement of Muslim Matters  :
The sites mission is to make MuslimMatters a safe, online community which shares and discusses relevant issues along with practical solutions, shaped by the experiences and viewpoints of its writers.

Our view :

The Muslim matters site has great collection authors from the well known to Yasir Qadhi to Nouman Ali Khan , the site often has content that affects us all muslims living in the modern , westernized world.

Follow your favorite scholar or just browse the site for its latest topics here :

Do you follow Muslims Matters ? What are you views ? Do you like the Muslim Matters site ?

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